Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the role of a plumber?

Generally, the work of a plumber is to install and maintain systems used for water, sewage, and drainage within a home or a commercial establishment. Services such as gas-fitting also fall under this category.

Q: What qualifications Does A Plumber in Sydney require?

A plumber in Sydney requires a plumbing Contractor License or a Supervisor Certificate as required by Home Building Regulation act of 2014.

A plumber also needs to have a trades-person certificate in the specific plumbing discipline such as gasfitting, water plumbing, and draining work, and at least 2 years of experience. All the experts we dispatch to you have these qualifications. For more information visit here.

Q: Are you a qualified plumber?

Yes, we are qualified plumbers with about a decade of experience in providing plumbing services like hot water systems, residential plumbing and gasfitting, commercial plumbing and gasfitting, as well as emergency plumbing installation and maintenance.

We are especially qualified to handle issues such as repair of leaking taps, unblocking of drains, repair of burst pipes, installation of dishwashers, video drain inspections, toilet and cistern repairs and replacements, and so forth.

Q: Why should I hire a fully qualified plumber?

You should always hire a qualified plumber. Firstly, a qualified plumber is always licensed and insured, which means any unexpected damage to your plumbing or property, though unlikely, will be compensated.

Secondly, a qualified plumber will cost you less because they know exactly what to do to solve your problem, unlike unqualified plumbers who many use trial and error and end up wasting your money on things you never needed after all.

Q: Does a plumber need insurance?

Yes, plumbers need insurance. As a matter of fact, you should stick with insured plumbers such as ourselves so that you are protected from any liability that the work might cause.

Q: What can I do about a blocked toilet?

Basically, when a toilet is blocked, you should leave it alone until a professional looks at it. Flushing it can cause more problems for you. So, if your toilet blocks, just call us and we can use our diagnostics equipment to determine the problem and then fix it so that things can get back to normal.

Q: What are the common causes of a blocked drain?

Drains can get blocked by a number of things. These include quilted toilet paper, solid food caught up in the drains, animal litter flushed down the drain, and other foreign objects that are not broken down easily or at all by water.

Q: I have a blocked drain can you help?

Yes, we can help. One of our specialties is fixing general plumbing problems such as blocked drains. We have the appropriate state-of-the art equipment to handle such problems and the expertise to solve them and get your drain working again.

Q: Can you fix leaking taps?

Yes, we fix leaking taps. Our knowledge of what causes this common plumbing problem, as well as our expertise in the various parts needed to solve them will ensure that you never have to suffer the increased water bills that leaking taps cause.

Q: I need an emergency plumber, can you help?

Absolutely. We know that plumbing emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night, which is why we are on call to handle emergency plumbing situations. So, don’t hesitate to call us any time you have an emergency.

Q: What does a plumber cost?

Typically, the plumbers charge depending on the job. The final price quotes are provided onsite depending on the tasks that need to be accomplished. But, rest assured that we offer very affordable rates.

Q: How do I find a reliable plumber in my area?

If you need a reliable plumber, make sure you look us up. If you are within the Sydney locations listed below, you are in luck because you can entrust us to help you with whatever plumbing problem you need fixed.

Q: What areas of Sydney do you operate in?

We operate in these Sydney locations: Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, South West, Inner West, Greater West, Northern Beaches, Sutherland Shire, Hills District, Sydney City, South Sydney, Western Suburbs, and Northern Suburbs.

Q: What hours are you open?

Our normal operation hours are from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.